seeking out good advice

Knowing when and how to ask for advice from others, choosing who to ask well, and listening well.

Complementary virtues

Contrasting vices

  • pride

Virtues possibly in tension

How to acquire or strengthen it


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Inspirational quotes

  • “Man is not in the least bettered by gold and silver, but the words of the wise enrich with virtue those who possess it.” ―Socrates
  • “Philosophers are the tutors of mankind; if they have found out remedies for the mind, it must be our part to apply them.” ―Seneca
  • “[T]he misery is, that the wise do not need counsel, and fools will not take it. A good man, it is true, delights in it; and it is a mark of folly and ill-nature to hate reproof.” ―Seneca
  • “The best conversation is with the philosophers; that is to say, with such of them as teach us matter, not words; that preach to us things necessary, and keep us to the practice of them.” ―Seneca