A sort of above and beyond the call of duty form of courage that courts danger in a good cause.

a.k.a. heroism

I think of “valor” as a more ambitious form of courage. Rather than waiting for danger to turn up, and then standing forthright in the face of it, as the brave person does, the valorous person goes out in seek of dangers that need facing and so invites opportunities to be brave. I don’t know whether there’s any good support for my chosen definition, though. ―DG

Complementary virtues

Contrasting vices

  • overcautiousness
  • timidity

Virtues possibly in tension

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Notes and links

  • Cicero (De Officiis I.7) notes that people sometimes have the duty to come to the defense of those who need defending, even if otherwise they don’t have any particular obligations toward that person. He also says (I.20) that valor grows out of a sort of serenity, not being overly affected by outward circumstances but prioritizing one’s character.

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Inspirational quotes

  • “A spirit altogether brave and elevated…. should perform such actions which are great and of the greatest utility, but extremely arduous, full of difficulties and danger both to life and the many things which pertain to life.” —Cicero, De Officiis I.20