Steteless Immigrants Pavilion. Action in or out of Venice Biennial

demonstrate a "Stateless Immigrant's Pavilion" by piratically occupying spaces in between the erected pavilions of all the nations by our tents claiming an space for autonomy, anonymity and stateless immigrants! Start of a bigger action #Take the square # global camp

We, Anonymous Stateless Immigrants, will demonstrate “Stateless Immigrant’s Pavilion” by piratically occupying Giardini. By our tents claiming an space for stateless immigrants in between the erected pavilions of all the nations. Advocating nomad-ism, autonomy and anonymity as alternatives to representational and borders politics. In solidarity with Spanish Revolution our actions are to support the Global Camp Movement and Global Take The Square.

In this occasion there might be eviction attempts by the police, which ‘ll be an assertive statement on ’Stateless Immigrants’ removal from the Venice Biennial by the police! This news together with other texts ’ll be distribute around by self-publication! Depending to the situation we try to claim our Pavilion again.
Otherwise, in case we can stay there, we ’ll use the space to act and think about how to set a bigger camps outside the Giardini and at the same time more strategies how to disrupt the Biennial further and communicate with not only the Biennial visitors but everyone who likes participate.