The Digital Disquiet

A strong but amorphous feeling of unease resulting in ambient stress, specific anxieties, and material powerlessness rooted in the intuitive awareness of evil forces influencing our loves via our digital devices.


In early 2017, Tech Autonomy working group participants began developing a shared language to discuss “tech culture” as an interdisciplinary practice useful for building revolutionary capacities amongst small pockets of self-organizing community members. These began with explorations of specific anxieties produced by social media immersion, originally called Cyborg Clinic and later specialized as the Tech Anxiety Working Group. In May, 2017, Tech Autonomy began referring to this interconnected maze of anxieties and emotional stressors as “the digital disquiet,” and hosted a discussion series by the same name.

Discussion series

The Digital Disquiet is the name of a discussion series,1 called Discussing the Digital Disquiet, regarding technology as it functions in white supremacist capitalist society today and how it can be different in an imagined, optimistic future. The first discussion was held in mid-May and addressed the topic of “Freelancing and the Internet.”


1 Discussing the Digital Disquiet, list of meeting minutes