7 Interesting Wasys To Make Money With Your Car

It does not hurt making an extra dollar using your car. Most people leave their life pay check to pay check, this includes monthly car expenses. Heres an a few interesting ways to make money with your vehicle.

If you want to earn extra money, you can use the car to start a small business as it can become a handy tool to achieve your goals and have time to rest easy.

1. Excursions for everyone

This is perfect for countries that are tourist based like Puerto Rico and Peru. Take Peru for example, it generates about US$ 20 billion per year. Therefore, the excursions service is a good business day if you aim to take tourists to areas around the town.

2. Meals-on-wheels place

Some foods may include desserts, sandwiches, cebiches, or pizza. When it comes to Peruvian cuisine, any place is right to taste. And now that it is fashionable to use cars as a local, this is a great idea. A van is a perfect fit for this business. It just takes a lot of creativity to stand out from the rest.

3. Moving with confidence

We can offer a moving service if you have a large van that can carry up to 500 kg. If necessary, you can hire a couple of assistants and include packing and crating service. In this way, the service is complete and remember that making life easier for customers makes them want to go back to this type of business.

4. Courier service

If you have a van or a pick-up, you can send parcels, letters, invitations, and documents such as trades, diptychs or triptychs. You can also transport publications such as magazines or books. Everything can be carried safely and guaranteeing quality in each delivery.

5. Advertising sales

You can convert the van and offer your chassis to sell advertising. The idea is to rent the vehicle’s exterior space to a company for a specified period. This way, when you go out to drive, the car will display products national or international on stickers or sheets. It is an easy way to earn money.

6. Taking and collecting children from schools

Whether you take your children to school, you can also use the route to make them to school with the school transport service, such as part-time work in the mornings and the departure from school. Another way to earn more money is to look after children whose parents work and cannot pick them up at school.

7. Bringing people to their jobs

In big cities, many people who do not have a car suffer because public transportation is sometimes super inefficient, and they take a long time to get to their jobs. Staff at many companies would be happy to find a person to drive them to work on time and without complications in exchange for payment.


Converting your automobile to a source of income is a smart idea. As car owners, we tend to forget that we can use our vehicles as a cash income tool. Apps like Uber and Lift provides every car owner with an extra income opportunity.

Other apps like PostMates and UberEats are another way to make an extra dollar by delivering food to hungry clients. Also, if you own a truck, you can look into the AmazonFlex delivery service as well. You can find other interesting articles about the automotive industry here.