The Coach's Wife CH. 03

She’d done it for what seemed like hours, but in fact was only a few minutes, as the motion soon brought Devon to the brink of waking…and cumming. More than once she’d held off, letting go of the stiff rod long enough for D’s heart to slow and her eagerness to wane. Still, in those brief moments, she couldn’t resist dipping her head to lick the pre-cum from the boy’s mushroom-like cap. She’d looked at it carefully, doing her medical due diligence, before lashing Devon’s slit with her tongue to taste and then swallow his warmth.
It’s perfect,” she’d whispered at a mouse’s volume, pleased to see that there was no unusual taste, smell or discharge coming from D’s rigid cock. The find had nearly made her swoon in anticipation of what a full load might look like rocketing from his meaty shaft. Not much longer, she’d thought, while giving the base a final, lingering squeeze and the head a thorough tongue swabbing. Thankfully, D had not awoken, blown his load, or fucked his nurse…which was something Ella had considered, only momentarily, before trying to put it completely out of her mind.
span class="italic">This boy’s like a son to me. How can I violate that trust? How can I let him slip that perfectly shaped cock into the depths of my… My heavens, Ella, you’re married. A handjob or blowjob is one thing, and perfectly harmless, but fucking him. Well, that just won’t do. The inner turmoil was settled…or was it? The debate seemed anything but over.
Returning to the task at hand, Ella instructed Devon to make his way to the bathroom, take care of his business and then she’d be in to help. “Sit on the edge of the tub and I’ll help you get into the shower.”
I’ll be fine. I’m pretty sure I…”