Prickly Pear & Orange Hot Sauce

Found in Los Molinos de Rio Aguas.


prickly pears (put on your gloves first)
oranges (about the same amount)
sugar/honey and chili according to taste

How to make it:

1. Keep your gloves on.
2. Cut prickly pears into halves and take the inside out with a teaspoon
(leave the skins).
3. Chop prickly pears and oranges.
4. Boil together with sugar and chili on a low fire for about 30 min or till
prickly pear and orange peaces melt into the sauce.
5. Eat with pasta, rice, chapati, mix with other sauces!

Acorn and Mushroom Sauce


mushroom sauce (can substituted with normal mushrooms)
soya cream
margarita leaves (I mean this plant
looks like daisy, pick them before margarita is flowering)
olive oil

How to make:

  1. peel acorns.
  2. leave them soaking in a salty water overnight.
  3. chop acorns into small pieces and roast them untill they become crunchy and
  4. chop margarita leaves and cook for 2 mintues in olive oil.
  5. mix margarita leaves and roasted acorns with salt and 2 tablespoons of
    water, then cook on a low fire until acorns are becoming soft.
  6. add soya cream and mushroom sauce, stir and and cook it all together until
    all ingredients are soft and all the tastes are mixed together smoothly.

Nam yam, eat with chapati, boiled potatatoes, rice, wild lettuce salad etc.