a recipe

Make your own ‘toothpowder’ from Eggplants/Aubergine!

It takes some getting used to at first but then you will notice your teeth will actually be cleaner than normal toothpaste, its eco-logical, and much cheaper!

You will need about 50 eggplant fruits to make about a half – one year supply.

1) Slice about 1cm thick and dry (in the sun, works better to put on a screen and cover with glass)

2) Put the dry pieces in a hot pan (best over open flame, like gas burner or campfire), stirring slightly until they glow red and then turn black. Remove before they turn completely to white ashes.

3) Grind to a finer powder, with a wheat sifter for example. You can add some Sea Salt (30%) but should consider making two mixtures because prolonged use of salt in the mouth causes the gums to recede, whereas eggplant powder alone heals all gum diseases and toothaches!

Note: Banana peels and orange peels are also noted to work (in the case of oranges just dry and grind to powder)