In The Beginning Chapters 8,9,10,11 & 12

He allows them to get a feeling for the weight and comfort gripping, balance and ease of transport. He is joined mid morning by a female instructor who takes over to give him a break and starts dispatching a few sailors at a time to stores to pick up their weapons.
She instructs them to return to this classroom with their rifles. As the morning wears on everyone eventually has their firearm and are learning how to care for it. Each sailor has carefully noted his weapons serial number so they can know it when they see it. About an hour before lunch they are loaded with their rifles into a school bus to proceed to the range.
Food is loaded into a food services truck to follow them out to the range. From the base they head north to Annapolis Royal and cross the bridge then turn left. It’s only a few miles from there to the range or about eight miles total from the base.
The two instructors break them up into two groups and seat them around two large round oaken tables. They pass out magazines (metal boxes) and training rounds of ammunition that have been drilled out to make them duds. These rounds have been painted red and white so they will not be mistaken for live rounds.
The sailors practice loading the magazines, snapping them onto their rifles, releasing them from their weapons and reloading their weapons with a stripper clip. Stripper clips hold rounds banded together by the clip so they can be readily shoved into the top of the weapon and refill the magazine without removing it from the weapon.