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Create Page Considerations


  • subject or title
  • summary : removed from wireframe because it was confusing. I like the summary. Its useful. I think some simple text explaining what it is will go a long way. Not crucial for demo2
  • body


  • access area should look exactly the same on the create page as it does on the individual pages when you click “share”
  • we will need groups as well as people later on.
  • for Demo2, checkboxes should be fine, later we can do auto-complete.


napkin sketch


When you say style (a) or style (b), what are you talking about? We need both content, are you talking just about the color? Lets get an unstylized version working before we fret over style.

The file attachment should be after the body text.

It should not say “send page” or “recipients”. Instead, how about “share this page with”?

Also, I think “Share page” should be “Create page”. The former implies that the page already exists.

I would like to make the case for groups once again: even with an install with only a few users, it makes a lot of sense to use groups. If you want something to got to everyone in the group, it is not a good idea to select all. Why? Because the people will likely change. Down the road, new people will be added, old people will be removed. You don’t want access in the long term tied exclusively to individuals.


Elijah, looks like we had similar thoughts.

As for groups, i agree. When you start work on a individual level, it creates more admin need down the road. Of course, in this install all these people are in a group, its just not displayed.

The important thing about the share page section is that it should look the same on this page as it does when you click on share on a “page”. This mockup is along the design lines that we have so far, but it can be considered a wireframe. The design will be inpart determined by how we decide to deal with sharing on the “pages”


Change Select All to “Share with all”. Maybe make it a checkbox for consistency.


most of the wireframes attached here claim to be eaten by cookie monster! what’s going on there?