Unsettle Portland Collective Network

Our Structure (DRAFT)

Collectives are closed

Everyone participates in UP through collectives. These are “closed”, in the sense that they have clear agreements for membership, and processes for invitation and removal. Each participating collective’s agreements should be compatible with the agreements of the whole network.

Three kinds

There are three kinds of collectives:

  • Work collectives perform roles that are useful throughout the network. Eg. media, legal, partnerships, neighborhood organizing, etc.
  • House collectives are residential groups, generally non-public, that are in mutual aid with the rest of the network.
  • Hub collectives are public, organizing houses whose residential function is secondary to providing political and economic support to a neighborhood.


Each collective sends 1-2 spokes to the spokescouncil, which meets regularly to coordinate information and make decisions that affect the whole. Decisions are by consensus; blocks must be based in the points of unity of the network, must be agreed as a block by one or more whole collectives, and must be acknowledged by the rest of the spokescouncil as legitimate to stop the process.

Other participants

Many people will support our work without choosing to follow the agreements we make or attend collective meetings, etc. These network participants will not have a formal decision-making voice, and will not have access to confidential internal communications, but are welcome to observe public meetings. Attendance at confidential meetings, or speaking at any meeting, will require the permission of all collective members present.