a bevy of improvements: page sorting, group landing page, public pages, committee namespace.


Oooh the style for the title is smushed. Anyway…

Most of the recent changes are subtle: more stuff should work instead of being confusingly broken.

There are some new features of note, however:

  • page sorting: you can sort most page lists, and it actually works, and it looks nice too.
  • group landing page: the ‘home’ page for a group is now totally different and designed to look more like a traditional social networking site. In the future, what shows up on this home page will be configurable. In the short term, we still need to make it possible to edit more information in the group’s profile.
  • public pages: Every page can now be made totally public. Just click the check box that says “public?”. Unfortunately, none of the group or person profiles have public settings yet, so if you click on a person or group name you get nada.
  • committee namespace: a group and all its committees compose a single namespace for pages. In other words, you cannot have two pages with the same name in different committees of the same group, and you can easily create links to pages between committees. This change was hard, and there are likely still some bugs with the whole committee thing.