Delete user account


hi there!
how can i delete my user account? i have not found any way…



Me neither!!

I don’t want to delete this account, but ‘cacaca’ user I do, because I created it for a We.Riseup training workshop


I gave permission for someone to join a group wrongly and want to know whetherr aaican remove there account.


I gave permission for someone to join a group wrongly. I want to know how I can remove their account, if I can.


only admins can delete users.


Thanks John. I need to find out who has admin rights but I thought we all had so what happens now?


I wanna do it also !


i really like this network, works really good!


gwyfyn I meen the superadmin


Sorry for late response: John sthis sounds really useul but who do you mean by the superadmin? G


see this
you need to enable super_admin mod, create a group in crabgrass (ie admins), add people that you want to be admins to that group and finally in the yml configuration file edit the admin_group for your site (ie admin_group: admins)
After that all members of the admin group shouldd see in the top menu an additional link to the administrator’s interface.
Hope this helps


John, does this work on somehow, or is it just for own Survers?
Till now i dont have trouble whis invalid accounts, but many people here talk about it


john, do I have to do the same to delete the whole group?
because then I don’t really get the whole process.. I need more detailed explanation :/


Sai, I’m not sure what exactly you ask :/

ylangpang, through the super_admin mod, you can do the same for groups (ie delete a group). Have you created a group for the super_admins? Have you enabled the super_admin mod in the configuration file?


Ow yes, great, I did it! :)


so there is now a possible way to delete accounts?


John, I have the same problem, my group needs to get rid of a few people because we don’t know who they are. No point encrypting stuff if the police are in our group anyways, right?

So the problem is the link above gets me to a “403 Forbidden” – page. Could you describe the process here


Just a quick update: kicking people out of groups is under development and will be shipped very soon. Removing your own account is in the upcoming version.


I would like to delete my account. Someone can do it for me ?


Removing users from groups is possible now. You need to be member of the groups council and go to the members list. Let me know if it worked.
Deleting accounts is still pending – probably available mid 2013.


Yes, it works, almost too easy ;)


I really need to get a group out of a network, is there some admin I can turn to who can do that ?


Please delete my Crabgrass account for me.



Three problems here.

0) My english is very bad;

1) I participate in a collective who communicates through a group here at We; is a closed group, where people can enter only by invitation. Some people moved away from the collective, and in the process to exclude them from the group I discovered that to do so, I need to create an Administrative Council, and that’s fine. But in the process we found a user that no one currently in the collective know, and seek in the approved requests, can’t find the corresponding record – so I assume someone used the “destroy” command.
Is there any way to recover this information?;

2) Like @2hemdchen, I need to know how to exclude a group from a network.

Someone please can help?


Hi, I hope this is the appropriate page to ask this..
I created a group with an account and after that I accidentally destroyed the account that created the page.
The group now exists but cannot accept any member… is there a way to “recover” the group or to permanently delete it so that I can create one with the same



When I try to remove someone from our group I cannot approve the request later on. It says ‘Shall (groupmember) be removed from (group)?’ but there’s only the option to delete the request, no button that says ‘approve’.

I tried to create a council to fix this problem, but I ran into the same problem. The group receives a request to create a council, but when I open this request the only option is to delete the request.

Does anyone know what to do?