Discrete Crabgrass Projects

This page lists ideas for crabgrass development projects that are relatively independent. One of these projects would be a good place to start for someone wanting to get involved in crabgrass development without needed to figure out how everything works.

crabgrass rdoc

Documentation can always be improved.

  • If you are familiar with the code, create a list of key areas for improvement.
  • If you are a wordsmith, try improving some high use documents like INSTALL or README.
  • If you like cucumber features and want to make them more visible/useful, continue the YARD + CITY experiment.

crabgrass field research

Are you with a group that has tentatively started to use crabgrass? What are the things that hold the group back from using crabgrass more? What is most confusing? What is the connection and disconnection between how your group would like to collaborate/communicate online and what crabgrass is able to do (or will do in the future)?

user directory

Currently, we have no user directory of any kind. There needs to be a way to search and browse users with public profiles, and perhaps also list the most popular user content.

group directory

Currently, we have no group directory of any kind. There needs to be a way to search and browse groups with public profiles. You should be able to browse groups by political interest and area.


Users like candy! Candy is all the fun stuff with no nutritional value. An example of candy might be a list of books you have read and a way to see books your friends are reading.

wiki power

The wiki is the thing that is used most currently. It is ok, but it doesn’t have many important wiki features. For example, table of contents, back links, dead links detection, edit by section, media integration, etc. See wiki tool.

add a new page type

Add a new page type. Use your imagination!

javascript application

There are several javascript applications that would be cool to have. In particular, a collaborate editor or spreadsheet application.

voting and commenting on membership requests

It would be good if you could vote on a membership request and also comment on them.

crm features

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Managment. CRM software is used by businesses to keep track of their clients. It’s used by salespeople to document sale status for each customer.

We don’t want to sell things of course, but there are people who want similar tools for community and workplace organizing. This should include a database of contacts, campaigns, notes and tags for contacts and campaigns, build in mass and individual communication tools, and history tracking for each contact.

The model for this is not terribly complicated, but the ui needs a lot of work to be easy and intuitive for non-techy organizers who want powerful tools.

See the canonical Rails CRM example – Highrise highrisehq.com
AGPL Rails CRMFat-free CRM

custom banner image upload

This is certainly in the eye-candy category, but would also be very useful to help identify at a glance who owned a page.

  • Allow banner image selection for a person or a group/network/committee landing page
  • Create gallery of banners, perhaps re-purposed from CC Licensed firefox personas.
  • Allow upload of custom images into a shared library of banners

image upload progress indicator

  • Provide a visual indication of file upload progress
  • Support different servers (most common might be mod_passenger+apache)

It would be great to have access to labs.riseup.net/crabgrass/documentation just to have an idea of a concept. Thank you.


Sorry guys for disturbing you, I am not very familiar in the code, can you help me? I am just a fresh graduate and I didn’t expect that you already use advanced coding. My client informed me that I need to build a social networking platform using this type of code. If anyone of you has video tutorials or pdf files that can help me, please that to me. I will really appreciate it. By the way, below is the platform that I need to do.