Help translating documentation to portuguese & spanish


I want to contribute by expanding help pages and want to have that on Portuguese language, so I can translate it.

I’m a bit confused.
For expand in english I just have to edit those pages. Ok.
For portuguese version I think I have to create a link called “PORTUGUÊS” and put the translations on a new page and expand help pages on english and portuguese…

That is a good method?
Where to create the link for “portuguese version” if applicable?


Hi Karen,

Can you post a link to the pages you are interested in translating? I’ll try to help you figure out how to do it.


Hi abie :)


Karen: it is great that you want to help translate the help! we definitely need that.

Unfortunately, we don’t have meaningful or up-to-date help written in english, so there is nothing yet ready to translate.

Part of the problem is that the user interface keeps changing, so it has been a moving target.

Hopefully soon we will be able to start in on some useful documentation.


thanks, man
hope I can help :)


Hi, Karen & guys.
I’m interested in translating to spanish help pages too. A friend say me she did a português translation with help of a spanish translation i did. I think we could get a good translation done working together in sp. & pt. from en.

I believe user interface changing shouldn’t stop us from documenting features not-so-changing. In fact i can’t see major changes since my 2 years-ago first experiences in crabgrass. I’m trying to contribute just a weeks ago.

As far i can see, riseup is becoming more necessary than ever before, and crabgrass could play a definitely great role empowering users to colaborate in a secure, social-oriented way. I see it’s a lot of work developers are doing. Let us (& guide us, please) help incoming users enjoy & work more in crabgrass. All of we are needing that.


OK. I don’t want to hold anyone back from translating. It would be good to have some reasonable help documentation that is worthy of being translated!