Having difficulty creating a council for an organization

I have submitted the request to create the council and I can see the option to delete request in the settings -> requests page but no option to approve.

Could this be a bug or is there some other place to approve the request. I have previously created a council for a network with no problems.


I have answered my own question again lol. Had a brainwave last night about getting someone else from the group to approve the council and hey what do you know that done the trick. To create a council you need 2 members from the organization. one to make the request and another to approve it. simple.


Thanks is it the information in the wiki? If not put in the wiki please


ok cheerz Abraham i have to learn to take a more pro-active role here so i will put it in the wiki a little later. Thank you very much for the suggestion


Thank you for information. Very useful information.