How to add images to a wiki page.


I am hoping to find or get help creating documentation on this.


Hello seryn,
I’ve collected some code-examples for adding images here
At the moment I can’t spend much time on creating documentation, but I’m looking forward to the next version of this really great software called crabgrass and hope to be able to contribute to the documetation when it is online.


Hey chirlu, thanks for the link.

Kind of blows my mind I’ve been using riseup email and vpn for years and did not know about we.riseup.

The project I work with has just started using crabgrass. The last couple of years we have been experimenting with a combination of web apps and analog methods to coordinate and plan production as a group. We were even using a bug tracker, BugGeany, for a while. Point being, there isn’t a lot of solid collaborative software that I’ve been able to find and try out. Crabgrass combines features that we had to use multiple apps simultaneously to achieve. I don’t know a lot about the Crabgrass project, but I’m glad it’s a thing and I’m happy to help how I can.


We’re happy that you are using crabgrass!

We are getting ready to roll out a whole new version and we need testers! Check out the page over here with info!


Hi seryn,

Maybe you can try again now. There should be an add image button in the wikis. I’d be interested to hear if it works for you.


The add image button works great! I’ve been using the code snippets chirlu linked to. Adding the button is a good enhancement.


Hi I’m shinesfox, I think now you can even change the settings of your posts and also replace images.