How to have a dump of a group's database?

We found crabgrass so fun, that we just want to move it in our own server.. but don't want to lose our two-months work.

As explained above, we ( ) want to move our group into an our own server. It’s just because we are building a web site composed of two parts: the internal “discussion” side (developed with crabgrass) and the external-public side, in wich we’d like to write article like in a blog. We’d prefear to have all these parts in one server..

Is it possible to have a dump of the database in order to “migrate” all our contents in the new server?

Sorry for my english and thank you in advance!


well, a dumping the database could mean a lot of things.

it would be possible to do something more simple, like export all the wiki pages from a group. you would then have to figure out a way to import them.

the database is pretty complex. it would be very difficult to create a database copy with only the data that pertains to a particular group.

in the future, we are going to add an export ability, but it will most likely be limited to something simple, like exporting all the wiki pages and assets.


Ok, understood!
I was actually thinking to export all wiki and discussion pages (but someone told me it was possible to export also account of people), that are the most important ones.

So, only wiki pages? Great!
Let me know about that. I could send you an email or my email address in pvt.