Just some little Bugs

Bug colletion
  1. If i change the linkname of a Networkcomitee i can not find it anymore, not by the bottens
    They are still there wiht the new Name, but the butten dosen´t work anymore
  2. if i cut a connection from Network to Network(destroy approved recquest), it is still alive
  3. if i insert a picture, it always makes a line break, this is a bit cumbersome
  4. if i dictroy a connection to a Group in my Network the Link is still visible
  5. How can i destroy an attachment completely? i removed it, but the file still exist
  6. if i upload a new Image via Texteditor, the window don´t reload, so i have to leave and go back to insert image
  7. in the “send notification” dialog if you add some contacts and also a custom message you can’t see the buttons anymore so you can’t send.