more clear notification emails

When notifying people about a page they get a very unclear email. This could be improved.

Pasting from a discussion about using cg:

for me crucial points are good connectivity to my emailbox.

I just got link:

“Hello, Judith has sent you a web page.

You may access this page here:"

that is way to uncomfortable for me to handle any significant communication


This form of notifications was created on purpose to respect privacy. We do not trust unencrypted email as a form of communication for a number of reasons:

  • communication channels are not guarenteed to be encrypted
  • providers parse and evaluate email
  • providers offer access to state authorities etc.

Basically email is not a trustful medium. We try to provide privacy for your discussions and notifications are a part of that.

possible improvements

That said there are plenty of ways the current situation could be improved. Privacy is less a concern if:

  1. the page in question is marked as public
  2. the user that sends the notifacation confirms the content can be send in clear.
  3. we can provide encrypted email

Just to name a few ideas. I will check if 1 already works with this page.

Information we might want to include

  • type of page
  • summary
  • group context
  • text excerpt
    • full text for small wiki pages
    • last message for discussions?
    • question for votes
    • undone todo items to the user for todo lists

confirmed that public pages still do not send more meaningful emails.


could this be improved in the current 0.5 version?
im not sure if this is a lot of work…or work on it for the work on it for the 0.6 launch?
I feel that it would be much more friendlier towards users, especially new ones :)


I would like to work with you on what information could be useful to include, it would be a pleasure.


For me .. it doesn’t seem that email notification go out at all. Have just sent 2, one with message, one without. None of them went out.