New capitalyst pyramid

testing space how to share media files.
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Updated by greenearth 2010-08-12

That is a really nice image. Where does it come from?


I have no idea, just seen in a lost post at a few months ago, and i wanted to test the upload archive function of CG with something interesting.


So the revolutionary subject is now third world people? And here I was thinking of maoism as something in the dull past…


Very nice! Another good one:
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print quality pdf:

have a nice day!


elijah, the autor of this image seems to be unknown! However, at du somebody was guessing that it looks like Jack Davis Style (MAD magazine!)

I could not find another source with author name -if anybody can find, please email me, I would like to have a bigger print version!



Maoism? R u serious?! Dear dear me. (shakes head). Nazi swastika type trip m8. Yes I do ‘know’ by da way…but a few folks here appear to need to check out anarchy for real and live with the (UK) type Peace Convoy. R. Those were the days. :)

Looking to set up various projects in India, Manali area, ona workers co-op basis by the way…possibly military surplus store (were talking a survival situation here!), and possibly a full on rave club. Anyone interested give me a shout. Cheers.