The next minor feature

[en] Vote for for the next minor feature --- [fr] Votez pour la prochaine fonctionnalité mineure --- [es] Votad la próxima utilidad poco importante
  • 1
    Event calendar   top pick
  • 2
    return to the same spot you were previously editing
  • 3
    customized group home page layout
  • 4
    resize the wiki text editing area
  • 5
    recent pages drop down menu
  • 6
    WYSIWYG Text Editors
  • 7
    OpenID Logon Support
  • 8
    implement email alerts for certain actions
  • 9
    add css for a whole group / committee / wiki-page
  • 10
    Option to kick/ban members
  • 11
    link directly to differences between to versions on dashboard
  • 12
    Public comment capability
  • 13
    Improved Documentation
  • 14
    privacy for public pages
  • 15
    Kick out inactive members from groups
  • 16
    (re)include a "finish until" date for todo list items
  • 17
    Filter group and networks by language and open/closed
  • 18
    Chat on pop-up
  • 19
    Possibility for negative Voting
  • 20
    Log option for chat meetings
  • 21
    Back up group content
  • 22
    To be able to DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT
  • 23
    Searchable user/groups database
  • 24
    recognise email addresses
  • 25
    El problema del idioma
  • 26
    allow non-members to write on public pages
  • 27
    Export Wiki
  • 28
    add Author/uploader in document versioning
  • 29
    Evaluation for surveys
  • 30
    Archive for user documents
  • 31
    User approval tracking
  • 32
    Chat on layers
  • 33
    Send notification with custom messages to emails
  • 34
    Delete private messages
  • 35
    Prioritize personal task list

I can work on allowing users to remove a pg from inbox w/out opening it.


i think changing a forgotten password may be a major new feature, not a minor one, depending on how it works.


there is definitely a bug in the ballot tool. it is not picking the right winner.


yeah, i’m pretty confused about it. i just moved the ‘change tags so that spaces are allowed’ to make it a lower option, and then it became higher ranked.


It is a little confusing that I don’t have to “save” my votes.

I’d like to be able to look at other people’s priorities, too, but that might be just because I don’t understand how the vote works and I want to see how others ordered things.

Also, unless I’m missing something, I can’t see who’s already voted. Clearly more than Elijah and Jessi, but they’re the only two shown as “contributors”


The votes are saved everytime you move an option around… it may be hard to see because the ‘saving…’ is displayed and then is gone, so if you miss it because it goes too fast you wont realize its being saved.

the contributors are just people who have contributed to the comments on the page, now amanda shows up and I will too.. I agree that is a little confusing


sorry, i put a suggestion and this jump to the first place. If it is ok, please let me know if it is understandable for all you. thanks . :)


yeah, the problem is that the method of voting used, condorcet, doesn’t do very well with truncated ballots, meaning ballots where most people have not specified all their preferences. when you add a new option, then everyone has a truncated ballot.

although in this particular case, it is very mysterious how it is possible that many people have picked ‘a way to change a forgotten password’ and yet it is still at the bottom. maybe everyone else has ranked that one last, or maybe there is a bug.

regarding translation, see multilingual content. i would consider that a major feature.


what about i18n?


what about i18n?

I recall seeing elijah saying in a page somewhere that this was something he considered an important major feature (rather than a minor one). I can’t seem to find it on the major features page though.


what about the-next-major-feature?


pietro, if you look at elijah’s comment right above your initial comment about i18n you will see elijah saying:

regarding translation, see multilingual content. i would consider that a major feature.

the problem is… its not listed on the-next-major-feature


multilingual content and i18n are different things, btw. when i said i18n i was talking about the translation of crabgrass ui. when elijah talked about multilingual content he was talking about translation of things written by users.


yeah, maybe elijah was intending to say that the only way the UI could be translated would be if the multilingual problem was solved? In any case, if it is possible to separate the two, it seems to me the most useful step forwards would be to get the ability to translate the UI working, then crabgrass could become useful to more people.

btw. I added this to the-next-major-feature vote page, so be sure to vote for it!


i18n is technically already working, it is just that there are no translations yet. the only problem is (a) the UI strings are fairly unstable, and (b) there is now interface for editing them. it should be easy to copy over the interface from nest, but that does not solve problem (a).


i just added “optional e-mail alerts for messages”... but if this has been discussed already and knocked down, you can take it off. I just figure that if it is optional, then security isn’t compromised. And this would keep a lot of users linked into crabgrass (for instance, after the campaign that they originally used crabgrass for has ended)


(is there any way to add to this list? if not…)

how about making the diff view a lot nicer (I will tackle this when I am next on my computer, but that might not be for a few weeks). what I mean is do something like wikipedia does – a little context, but just focus in on the changes. right now it is quite cumbersome…


also, damn (separate idea, so separate post) – some quick way to get to the pages you have been editing recently… justing using cg a little bit I am finding myself clicking back to the dashboard just to see the list of recently updated files, and really just wanting to see the ones I’ve participated in recently)


i agree, i requested a “recent pages” section in the drop down me menu.


you can add options under ‘edit my vote’ > ‘add new possibility’


next minor feature request – put add new possibility somewhere more intuitive. :)


I don’t find ‘recent pages drop down menu’ self-explanatory, and I’m not sure what that means.


I think maybe they mean just a history of pages you have participated in. In the very first sketches that dan and I made we had something like this. I think that the people and groups menus should also work like this: the groups/people you have recently done something with are the ones that are listed, but you can hit a continuation link to see the full list.


is OpenID likened to google’s open social?


It’s similar in that it’s an open standard. But OpenID really has little to do with social networking.

OpenID allows a single sign-on to any service that supports it, with multiple customizable levels of privacy and identities (so that the user may share different types of data with individuals or groups of folks).


I like the sounds of it. So, basically crabgrass would need to sign on with it?


for public pages (i can put this as an example i guess…),

which are visible even for people without an account, would less confusing if for viewers not logged in the links that are not going to work (i.e. the entire menu on the right) were not visible.

I think this would apply for all pages that are viewed while you are not signed on … better to not see the links than to click on one only to receive a “you are not authorised to see this page” (a waste of bandwidth for the user…)

hope this is a minor change :)



ana: two things:

  • yes! in general, stuff you can’t click on should not show up. there is no general rule, just every little place that something is shown it needs to test for permissions better. thus far, we have focused on private content so the public facing stuff is still rather underdeveloped.
  • when i am not logged in and i view that page, i don’t see anything that i can’t click on. true, there are headings for stuff that is not there, and they should be hidden, but otherwise i don’t see the behavior you are talking about where i click on something that i am don’t have access to see. can you give an example?

I wanted to register my dislike of openID, I think that there are significant problems with it making me think that the supposed convenience it offers doesn’t outweigh these issues.

I’d like it if there was a good discussion of these problems before it was implemented and accepted. We need to make conscious decisions to take a steps that could be problematic.


Yeah Micah, some of that definitely sounds scary … I wasn’t aware of these issues with OpenID when I suggested it as a feature request.