The Comet

Leaving, the woman walked away, turning around now and then, giving Laura dirty looks.
Staring at the rest of the people, Laura yelled, “ Get back to work, this isn’t the Jerry Springer show!”
Everyone quietly returned their attention to their stations, making further calls.
Going back to her desk, Laura sat down. For the next few minutes, she simply watched all the people work. To her surprise, she noticed that many, if not all, of the female employees seemed to be slightly on edge, fidgeting about in their chairs. Also, most of the women were constantly readjusting their blouses, trying to relieve pressure from certain points. Looking on with an ever-growing interest, she realized that these women seemed to have the same problem she had. Reflecting further, she felt her own blouse to be tighter than it was an hour ago. The whole thing didn’t make any sense.
The workday finally came to an end. She went down to her car and drove home. When the woman arrived in her apartment, she happily removed her work clothes and was about to slip into a pair of jeans. However, as she tried to button them shut, she realized they were too tight, Laura couldn’t close the waist.