Foreclosure Committee Strategy and Minutes

Strategy meeting 11:20 to noon Committee meeting noon to 2 p.m.

Proposal for OE Campaign — Foreclosure Action Committee working group Minutes

Date/Time: April 1, 2012

Location: Growers Market

Facilitators: Reid

Minute Taker: Vickie Embree

Attendees: Reid, Majeska, Fergus, Vickie E., Ross


Campaign Goals/Objectives/Strategies (brainstormed list)

  • Prevent the eviction of 25 homeowners during 2012
    • Milestones 10, 20, 25 evictions prevented
  • Postpone foreclosures x people x months?
  • Stop foreclosure sales
  • Moratorium
  • MERS declared illegal by both washington and oregon AGs
    • This will put banks on alert.
  • Self-organizing model = spoke and wheel thing
    • We are spoke. Develop neighborhood self-help circles.
  • B of A leaves Lane County
  • 1191 Lawrence — Occupy home and use it for housing homeless family – Auction May 7th, 2011. (We will not be using this for OE; better for family to stay there.)
  • Help homeless occupy homes.
  • Link the issues of banks and housing through occupying homes and foreclosure issues.
  • Support banks campaign

Occupy Eugene Foreclosure Action Committee — Minutes

Date/Time: April 1, 2012

Location: Growers Market

Facilitators: Reid

Attendees: Fergus, Majeska, Reid, Patricia, Vickie E., Scott, Ross

Minute Taker: Vickie E.


It was suggested that we only need 2 weeks to plan and publicize successful actions.

Actions Committee B of A protests on Fridays at 4:30
Tax Day April 17 w/ Tax Day coalition, includes 5:00 @ Wells Fargo
Max Rameau April 18th at Occ Education at OEV; more events Majeska will email to all.

Campaign proposal working group We brainstormed goals today: Prevent evictions, stop foreclosure sales, etc. (see above) Deadline for submitting written campaign proposal is the 13th. (see below)

Spring Action – Agreed to endorse, no blocks or objections. We’ll pick a monthly action to be in solidarity with the nationwide Spring Action campaign, or maybe all this spring — to post some actions on the website.

EW Ad (not discussed)

Auctions – Eric April 6, Patricia April 12

Bret and skit w/ Michelle Shocked April 26

AG call/letter campaign PR

Michael O’Callahan, training and public event to be set up for May, after Max’s visit.

Letter to Karen A.

Develop rapid response so we can

County Fees — Every county needs to go to their county seat. Suggestion Demand AG/county prosecutor – demand that they collect fees that are due to them from banks. (No demand decided yet.)
MERS does not have office.

It was suggested we call for criminal charges against president of B of A and Tim Geitner, etc.

OE Campaign: Legal/research will receive proposals, sort, may suggest some combine. Short presentations at GA at end of April, next GAs discussion and then possible adoption of one or two for OE for next six months.
Create framework for crabgrass document, discuss this week. Next Sunday. Communicate via email.

How do we get figures?? Angela from We of Oregon. Fergus: Targeting MERS — AG says MERS is illegal.
ACTION: Fergus will call Angela regarding figures.
Go to Deeds and Records office, and hand letters from.
Find out who county recorder is. They are missing fees and their records are fraudulent.
Approach district attorney, make an appointment. give him letter and then go to b of A protest
ACTION: Patricia will contact county clerk and find out who is in charge of recordings.
Majeska might see about small delegation to meet with DA when Max is here to talk about eviction process/eviction defense.

Friday actions: Governor, attorney general, DA — suggestion to target one each Friday.
Agreed via twinkles: Governor this friday. target the governor. Stop all auctions. Send letter and give letters to press. Ross will get a hold of bend and corvallis. Scott get a hold of Cottage Grove and ashland. Call for moratorium first. (Topics for following Fridays to be decided later.)

Saturday Market outreach. We can table at Free Speech plaza.


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Okay, I made a few more changes. From my notes, we twinkle-consensed on the topic for This Friday’s action at BofA, but not later topics yet. (Some discussion about that in emails just now.)