Visit Da Lat Vietnam

Travel to Vietnam and visit Da Lat

The outside world is a vast know how much why you can forever collect yourself again, why you back to myself the bigger world outside, why don’t you go try and find out if the world out there see it’s beautiful, how much? Guesthouse Hang Nga, also known as “crazy house” is known as a work of art exceeds the limited imagination of humans. With the intention to make the house become a house of fairy tale, or something unique. The window frames are uneven, the stairs were dark as the tunnel, the enemy states, the decorative spiral-shaped and the hollow tree last as long as is to want to touch the top sky in Da Lat vastness, which, really frightened, but curious to try the feeling when in a strange house. Today, however, the Hang Nga villa is seen as a “museum” of dream of childhood, unusual things that people difficult to explain, but they all have a feel for his own and always wanted to try strange feeling at the na, If you come to Da Lat, then international travelers who have visa to Vietnam should not miss this place maybe this is an interesting point can arouse many childhood memories of guests should also. A place associated with the name of poetry of Ho Xuan Huong, a woman beautiful, talented, but the coast line is extremely obstacles. Xuan Huong lake is located in the center of Dalat city, surrounded Nguyen Thai hoc, Ba Huyen Thanh Quan… beautiful Xuan Huong Lake charm but there is a little something a little sad look like the main owner of the name. Many tourists come to this place simply to enjoy the beauty of this place, sip a cup of coffee warm and enjoy the feeling of tranquillity rare in this place, surely will be the best thing for you help you can stay away from the noisy bucket potty urban place of traditional flowers out there. No one can deny Da Lat is a city incredibly dreamy romantic, is the paradise of the famous scenic spots that you constantly immersed, the holy Mother church is a place like that. Located on a hill extremely pretty at no. 1, Ngo quyen street, ward 6, district 6, Da Lat city. From here, visitors can see the panorama of the city, the church is the combination of art, architecture, Oriental and Western Vietnam. This place gathered about more than 50 hairpin, and have many social activities such as orphanages and kindergarten. Standing in the church, you will surely feel always peaceful, and serene by the design, layout and space of this place bring, if you have to, then do not ignore.
Source: Du Lich