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Widely used and well-documented GUI packages include NetMiner, UCINet, Pajek (freeware), GUESS, ORA, and Cytoscape. Private GUI packages directed at business customers include: Orgnet, which provides training on the use of its software, Keyhubs, KeyLines and KXEN. Other SNA platforms, such as Idiro SNA Plus, have been specifically developed for particular industries such as telecoms and online gaming where massive data sets need to be analyzed.
Commonly used and well-documented scripting tools used for network analysis include: NetMiner with Python scripting engine, the statnet suite of packages for the R statistical programming language, igraph, which has packages for R and Python, the NetworkX library for Python, and the SNAP package for large-scale network analysis in C++. Though difficult to learn, some of these open source packages are growing much faster in terms of functionality and features than privately maintained software, and extensive documentation and tutorials are available.
All of the tools above contain visualization capabilities, NetMiner, igraph, Cytoscape, NetworkX have the highest level of functionality in terms of producing high-quality graphics.
Also worthy of mention are the variety of tools built primarily for network visualization, some of which also contain social network analytic features. These include general purpose visualization tools such as SocNetV and Tulip; tools designed for medical applications such as SocioMetrica; tools designed for law-enforcement and intelligence organizations such as i2 Analyst’s Notebook, SilentRunner Sentinel, KeyLines by Cambridge Intelligence and Sentinel Visualizer; tools designed for corporations and businesses such as NodeXL, RapidNet, Keyhubs, Idro, Ipoint, and Sonamine.


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