what shall come next, which decisions are to be made, what needs to be done

code rewrite

As there still is no open source software for power structure research (there is? tell me!) a new rewrite from scratch with ruby and the ruby-gnome2 framework is in the beginning to get a software which enables you to map whateever you want, like as activism.

  • Maybe rack is used for this.
  • the first version will be published on, so bookmark this already ,)

previous state

  • language: Perl
  • GUI: Tk
  • data storage: files


  • The user is able to create relational maps of connections between persons, organizations, events, publications and other predefined object types.
  • Maps can be stored and exported to .png and .svg.
  • local changes to the data files can be optionally submitted via a version control system (svn atm.).

data storage

  • Everything is a file, sorted by type into directories.
  • types and relations are predefined in ‘special:*’ files and therefore be extended later.
  • semantic relations between persons and organizations can be combined with events, publications and projects, …
  • relations are stored in files in the form ‘p26+o2’ where p stands for person and o for organization.
  • Every relation can and shall be assured with a source.
  • no indices yet.


  • which features of Gtk (/GnomeCanvas) are needed for visualization
  • which are which better system to store information than files?
    • XML-structes instead of plain text files
    • Forget the ORM – there are better solutions then putting all the data into tables (not everything is an rectangular), see ORM
    • migrate to InfoGrid – what are the pros and cons? Examples, Semantics