Tourist go home

peticion official

Tourist go Home

de Baix

Peticion official de la population del Païs al Mundo
de dejar el tourismo temporalmente
para supportar una vuelga en gran estilo
para mejorar conditiones Laborales.

Als der Krampus vorbeikam
um die Taten des Jahres abzurechnen
Fiel diesem auf , das er alles vergessen hatte
vom vielen Wein
Fingerprints from Eli & Pao


and also your getaway career honest. In the event you have been a candidate trying to perform across the holiday seasons, could you somewhat benefit Santa claus on the N . Rod or perhaps benefit the particular liberia things to do Grinch about Support Crumpit? Now i’m betting they will would like to just work at an organization which is cozy, enticing, and also supplying a particular getaway reward in their mind.