About Us

A page about our organization and what we do

We are a small youth organisation in the Platformist tradition based on advocating for anarchist-communist solutions to the issues faced by South Africa. We were founded by 8 students on the 9th of August 2019. We currently stand at 9 members with a few other people offering support in any protests or demonstrations we take part in. Most of our members are in high-school or have recently graduated from it.

Our core values and foci are as follows:
- Anarchist communism
- Environmentalism
- African focus
- LGBTQ+ rights
- Feminism
- Anti-imperialism
- Anti-racism
- Anti-fascism
- Anti-ableism
- Solidarity with other organisations
- Co-operation
- Direct democracy
- Consensus

The collective currently has four main activities:

1.We hope to use our organisation to go to protests and demonstrations to fight for what we believe in and to do it in an ideologically and practically organised way. We have not yet attended any protests officially as a group, but the founding members have participated in climate protests such as Fridays For Future informally before.

2. We wish to collaborate with other aligned groups both tactically and strategically wherever possible.

3. We plan to host reading groups to educate more of our peers to bring consciousness about the benefits of Anarchist communism and how it can solve the problems we face in our society. We have run one such reading group with more planned for the future. Hopefully, we will also be able to recruit new members through these reading groups.

4. We wish to educate our peers with posters, presentations, etc and a pamphlet which we hope to put out every two or three months. We want to push anarchist and communist ideas in struggles within our country as far as possible.