Interview: Haiti Action Committee at the US Social Forum 2010 (English)

The workshop Confronting the US War Against Haiti was organized by the Haiti Action Committee. It took place at the US Social Forum, held in Detroit, Michigan from 23 – 26 of June, 2010. I had an opportunity to speak with organizer France Jerome after the workshop. He addressed the use of imminent domain by US troops and international forces to occupy Haiti, which has been taking place even before the earthquake which devastated the country in January. In the aftermath of the earthquake, there has been an increased drive to contract out humanitarian aid in the name of disaster relief. Akuno addressed this and the ongoing speculation and contracts being made on the island nation. Contact: Kali Akuno Haiti Action Committee Collaborating Organizations: Global Women’s Strike
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Francis Jerome, interviewed by Rebecca Ellis at US Social Forum, Detroit, Michigan. June 2010.