Anon-1mous Xubuntu 11.10 (English version)

AnoN-1mous Xubuntu 11.10 is a new Linux distribution based on Xubuntu 11.10.

AnoN-1mous Xubuntu 11.10


What is it?

AnoN-1mous Xubuntu 11.10 is a new Linux distribution based on Xubuntu 11.10. A lot of useful software for, you know, all these things we anons do all the time, is included, installed and configured to work right out-of-the-box. This distribution is in Beta and may contain some bugs. Our recommendation is to install it on a USB and boot as LiveCD or install it on a virtual machine (VirtualBox, VMware and the like).

The default password is: anon


What is Xubuntu?

Xubuntu is an Ubuntu based distribution but unlike Ubuntu, which uses gnome, it uses the XFCE4 window manager that is faster and just as easy.

Included software:

Current version

These software is included in AnoN-1mous Xubuntu 11.10, configured and ready to use:

  • Tor: Hide your ip and encrypts information sent / received to/from internet
  • I2P: Similar to Tor
  • Network-Manager: Connection Manager (PPTP and OpenVPN ready)
  • aircrack-ng: WIFI auditing / cracking
  • Chromium: google browser (no Add-Ons, more comfortable but poor or none privacy)
  • Firefox: browser (with Add-Ons for private browsing and other things)
  • FoxyProxy (firefox Add-On): proxy manager for Firefox
  • Hping3: network tool with different funcionalities, we are very interested in one of them heh, heh, heh.
  • Flash: Flash Plugin to view flash videos or other Flash content
  • Multimedia Codecs: Codecs to watch / listen to any multimedia file
  • Xchat: IRC client. Just ready to connect to major Spanish Anon networks
  • Synaptic: install/uninstall software through repositories
  • Ubuntu Software Center: install/uninstall software
  • Gdebi: simple deb installer, fast and effective (equivalent, although not identical, to Windows’ exe)
  • OpenJDK: java interpreter
  • Wine: Windows “emulator” capable of running a large number of Windows native applications
  • TrueCrypt: Encrypt files, folders or entire hard disks
  • Bleach-Bit: Clean OS and programs temporary files, wipe free space (use with care)
  • Deborphan: Detects orphaned packages for possible removal (use with care)
  • Secure-delete: Wipe files, folders, entire hard disk or the free space on a hard drive so that you can not recover anything
  • Transmission: Bitorrent client
  • JDownloader: Download manager for megaupload, rapidshare, youtbe, etc …
  • Brasero: CD / DVD burner
  • Gimp: Image editor like Photoshop
  • Gedit: text editor
  • Xpdf: PDF file viewer
  • FileZilla: FTP client
  • GParted: Partition manager
  • VirtualBox: Virtualization Systems
  • Gmusicbrowser: Music Player
  • Parole: Video Player
  • Skype: Video conferencing over the Internet
  • Amsn: MSN Messenger Clone
  • Remastersys: Create your own linux distribution or make a backup of the system installed on any computer

The default password is: anon

Software added in the next version

  • LXDE: changed XFCE4 desktop to LXDE because it’s faster
  • Macchanger: change your network card’s mac address
  • Xsane: Tools for image scanning
  • Simple Scan: Scan Picture Program
  • Lives: video editor similar to Sony Vegas
  • Ardour: complete sound editor
  • f.lux: change the brightness of your screen accord with your time zone
  • Eye of Gnome: image viewer
  • Sysinfo: information about your system
  • Ubuntu-Tweak: personalize, optimize and customize your system automatically
  • Gwibber: client for the most famous social networks
  • Abiword: advanced text editor
  • lbreakout2: brick breaking game
  • ltris: tetris clone
  • Scribus: professional publishing suite for documents (texts, brochures, leaflets, flyers, etc …)
  • Dia: diagram editor
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF file viewer
  • Rhythmbox: music player
  • DidiWiki: offline Wiki to take notes
  • Tor in Xchat and Firefox: Xchat and Firefox configured to use default Tor

This list may change.

The default password is: anon

Download and Install

We recommend to try it on LiveCD version, install it on a USB or install it on a virtual machine before making a permanent installation on your hard disk. This is the first version that sees the light and may contain some bugs. If you find any, please tell us. We will try to fix them for the next version.

The default password is: anon


The default password is: anon


  1. Burn the ISO to a DVD or boot from a virtual machine
    • If you burn a DVD you should configure your PC’s BIOS to boot from CD-ROM (this might not be necessary). Insert the DVD into the drive, restart and boot
  2. Choose the first option from the boot menu of the distribution to load the Live version (don’t worry, your computer is safe as long as you do not install the distribution on your hard disk).
  3. Just play with it, test it and break it (tell us if you get to break it!)
  4. If you like it and you want to install it permanently, go to Menu → System → Install applications RELEASE and start the installer
  5. Follow the steps of the installer and enjoy your new Linux distribution.

The default password is: anon


This distribution is made by non-experts, we are not responsible for failures, problems and / or damage that you may cause. Use common sense, it has live mode and can be installed on a USB for something.


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