Reading for 23/3/10 bell hooks - feminism: a transformational politic

bell hooks is an African American feminist and educator. This chapter is taken from 'Talking Back - thinking feminist. thinking black' published in 1989. In this chapter she explores some of the central themes of the relationship between feminism and white supremacy and class exploitation. Where are we at now in 2010? is feminism including and relevant to all people? can feminism be a movement just about sexism or does it have to be about race and class as well? is feminism a movement for men as well as women [trans and cis...]. Is feminism something you can learn in college or is it better to learn 'round the kitchen table'? Is feminist revolution about love? See what you think... technical info: this file is a PDF scan of the original book - it's not converted to text so it works best if you print it out to read. If you want to read it on screen with adobe acrobat [free software] you'll need to go to the view menu and 'rotate clockwise' to see most of the pages. The file size is about 10mb so will take a while to download if you don't have broadband. If anyone needs another format like a sound file or a scan that a text reader will work with I'm prepared to convert it: email woteot [at] xxx Rachel