Small Feature Requests

Things you would like to see that only require a few tweaks here and there

boyska it would be nice if printable version of public pages was public, too.


Make the Me dashboard editable so that you can pull together links to key pages across groups.


Add a table editor. Tables are really useful for structuring information in wikis but they are horrible to edit/add to.


add the possibility to express your own support to others’ comments – star or like or support


Bretta, that’s top of my list right now. Gimme a week or two.


I support @qwertyuiop suggested features of:

  • table editor
  • editable Me-dashboard
    for this second one in particular, it would be nice if one could copy a particular customization of the Me-dashboard.
    I am thinking of preparing a custom view for new members of our group so I could provide them with a set list of links and pages that are relevant for collaborating within our network and groups

Hi, I would love to see if I could add a pgp public key to my profile. I should be able to make it group/public visible, but one thing could be very beneficial: Make a checkbox to Profile → Notification “Encrypt my e-mail notifications with my pgp public key”, to encrypt notifications coming from crabgrass.


Hi, thank you for it ;) work really nice for my collective for a computer project.
But i think that the editing of wiki page is not really user friendly, it would be nice to be able to just copy/paste content without having to spend quite some time to re-edit the text and read help pages, last time i had problem with line break after copy/paste from gedit and after a while I manage it but now i cannot find what did I do to make it work. I am trying to get my friend to use the crabgrass but i am worried they will be put off by this kind of difficulty.
So what would be nice would be a accessible text editor.
Again thank you for your work.


Hi! This page doesn’t seem to be used for a long time already, but still:
I’d like to prohibit all users of a group except of the council from deleting whole pages forever. Sorry if I just overlooked it.
Thanks for your work!