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This is an organising tool used by the CONNED alliance to make stuff happen.

See recent pages below for the range of discussions begun at our face-to-face meeting last week and for some examples of how to use this site.

Here’s info on how this organisational tool works…

Welcome to our autonomous virtual meeting place!

There are a variety of functions that this website can do:

If you click Create Page in green on the top left of your browser you will see the functions that you can create.

This has the potential to be a really useful tool. Here are a few ideas on how to keep it functioning:

  • This site should have quite a bit of traffic if everybody gets on ok with using it, so maybe it will be useful for members to check it regularly, maybe weekly or whatever people can manage? (This is all up for negotiation!)
  • Post your name on wikis so we know who has said what.
  • If your message or uploaded file is no longer useful then delete it. That way we don’t get bogged down and we save memory space for the nice people at Riseup.
  • Spend some time getting familiar with it. Just 20 mins practice and this can become an accessible useful tool.
  • Be conscious of what you’re posting: this is not a safe space and the police are rather keen on taking the IT equipment that runs this sort of thing.

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