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Committees are subgroups.

Members of a committee can be

  • part of the parent group
  • from another group
  • unaffiliated individuals

Access (see chart below)

  • Group members have access to all committees
  • Individuals not in the group only have access to their respective committees

Coordinating council
h2. Coordinating council is a unique special committee. When a group has coordinating council, then only a member of that council may administer the group. Otherwise, any member of the group may do so.


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Les commissions sont des sous-groupes

Les membres d’une commission peuvent être des

  • membres du groupe parent,
  • membres d’un autre groupe,
  • utilisateurs non affiliés à un groupe.

Droits d’accès (voir dessin ci-dessous)

  • Les membres du groupe ont accès à toutes les commissions,
  • les utilisateurs n’étant pas membre du groupe n’ont accès qu’à leurs commissions respectives.

Conseil de coordination
Le conseil de coordination est une commission unique spéciale. quand un groupe en possède un, alors seul un membre de ce conseil peut administrer le groupe. Sinon, n’importe quel membre peut s’en occuper.


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Los Comites son los subgrupos

Los miembros de un comité pueden ser

  • Parte de los miembros del grupo
  • Miembros de otro grupo
  • Personas no afiliadas

Derechos de acceso (ver tabla abajo)

  • Los miembros del grupo tienen acceso a todas los comites
  • Personas de un comité pero no del grupo sólo tienen acceso a sus respectivos comités

Consejo de Coordinación

Consejo de Coordinación es un comité especial único. Cuando en un grupo hay Consejo de coordinación, sólo las personas que pertenezcan a dicho Consejo podrán administrar el grupo. De lo contrario (si no hay Consejo de Coordinación), cualquier miembro del grupo puede hacerlo.



Comitês são subgrupos.

Membros de um comitê podem ser

  • Parte dos membros do grupo
  • Membros de outro grupo
  • Pessoas não afiliadas

Acesso (veja tabela abaixo)

  • Membros do grupo têm acesso a todos os comitês
  • Pessoas de um comitê, mas não do grupo só têm acesso a seus respectivos comitês.

Conselho de coordenação
O Conselho de Coordenação é um comitê especial único. Quando um grupo tem um conselho coordenador, apenas os membros deste conselho administram o grupo. Caso contrário, qualquer membro do grupo pode fazê-lo.

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Komitees sind Untergruppen

Mitglieder eines Komitees können

  • Teil der Muttergruppe sein
  • aus einer anderen Gruppe sein
  • unabhängige Individuen sein

Zugriff (siehe Abb. unten)

  • Gruppenmitglieder haben Zugriff auf alle Komitees
  • Nichtmitglieder haben nur auf die jeweiligen Komitees Zugriff an denen sie Teilhaben

Koordinierendes Gremium
ist ein einmaliges, spezielles Komitee. Wenn eine Gruppe ein Gremium hat, kann nur ein Mitglied dieses Gremiums die Gruppe administrieren, ansonsten kann dies jedes Gruppenmitglied


What’s this information about? I don’t understand as it is too less info – Why are you telling this? Is it supposed to be a help page?


Claro que es una página de ayuda, a mí me queda muy claro con esto la diferencia entre Comités y Grupos. No necesito por el momento saber la implementación u otros detalles para desarrolladores (no estoy en ese boleto).


was my comment here removed or did the post fail? arghhh… this always happens when I make aspontanous comment without backing it up into clipboard before posting…


was my comment here removed or did the post fail? arghhh… this always happens when I make a spontanous comment without backing it up into clipboard before posting…


How can I delete a comitee created?


Same procedure as a group. All members must leave the committee, and the last people will be able to destroy it.


oh great! Thank you very much.
And it’s logical… Crabgrass seems real group life: if nobody is in the group, the group doesn’t exist :)


hei, is it possible to not show the posted documents of a commitee in the parent group, so that it doesn’t litter up the main dashboard?


I don’t think so


Hi. here my stupid question: which is the proper procedure to generate a comitee? I tried the most logic one (according to me) but it is not working at all…

Thank you


You can create a comittee from the structure menu in settings of the group.

replace groupname by the name of the group to get a direct link


Hi! Thank you for your answer. i did it in first place, but it is not working, because of the name. I am afraid I am not understanding so well what I am supposed to do. For example: “setting”, “structure”, “create a commitee”. I fill the first gap using the label: “communication”. I guess this is the problem: crabgras does not recognize it as a valid name, Is it possible? Would you please explain me in (easy) details what I should do to make it possible? Thank you so much for your help. M.



I just tried this for a different group and it worked for me. So it looks like a bug.
Can you tell me which group you are trying to create the committee for?
Does it already have a committee of that name?
Are you using a browser that blocks scripts (for example torbrowser or a browser with no-script installed) ?

Hope we can fix this for you.


Hi! thank you so much.
The relevant group is: transfemifestgranada, and I generated it in crabgrass as an organization.
I need to create 3 commitees: “comunicación”, “difusión”, “autofinanciación”, but it does not work whit none of them. Another group’s member tried, and she found the same problem as I.
I don’t know about my browser, I am using Mozilla for Ubuntu. What can I do to check the information you asked me about?
Which is the proper procedure to modify my browser’s settings?

Thank you again,


Nevermind, problem solved. Thank you everybody!!


ludmillerrima, Yay! good to hear.
Anything we can do to help others to avoid the problem?

(such as clearifying error messages, better instructions etc.)


Hi, I really don’t have any knid of explanation… Suddenly it happens, after two days trying. I am sorry I can’t help moe than this. Thank you again!


I want to make open committees for different projects, but all the pages still appear in the main group.
How do I change that the pages only are visible in the committees?


Can I change an already existing commitee into a group?


I don’t know whether this has been talked over elsewhere but wouldn’t it be a bit more readable if the pages of a committee did not appear in the page liste of the structure without any other mention?

It could either
- appear with an explicit mention that the page is from the committee (so anyone looking at the structure’s list of pages would know that it is a page of the committee and whether it concerns her of not),
- not appear on the structure’s list but only on the committee’s list of pages.

What do you think out there?


I’m a bit confused about how to delete an existing committee. Someone up-thread said that people just have to leave the committee and the last people can delete it, but I can’t figure out how to do either (and I’m the only person in the committee). Any suggestions?


…never mind. Found it. Thanks!


Hey there.. Looking for a way to delete a committee in a group.. I’m admin/creator.. Any tips? Thanks


committee Home > Settings > Structure > Destroy (red button) > OK
worked fine for me. (I was the only member of the comittee and there were no pages owned by the committee).


yo guys


We created a group and before we invite everyone it is important that not everyone can open the group to the public or delete or invite other members, so we need to create admins who have more functions.

I understood that its a comittee (“Räte” in german) who is able to do that but there is no option for me on the page " Structure" to create a comittee. There is only the describtion of what a comittee could do.

Can someone help me what I can do now?


if you need a group of admins, a Council (Rat in german) is what you need. On top of the Settings/Structure page of your group there should be the option to create a Council with the following description: “Councils are groups with special administrative powers. Every organization or network may have a council. If it does, people in the council will have power over the network or organization.”


thx that helped!!!


This manual isn’t useful at all. I am tending to rewrite the German section.