Frequently Asked Questions

This content is collected from comment threads where users have asked questions that have been answered by Crabgrass developers or other interested people. For the sake of conveying information concisely some content has been edited for readability.

General Questions

I have questions regarding riseup mail …

These FAQ are about Crabgrass, the software running on For questions about riseup mail please have a look at the email help.

Is there any possibility to back up data stored in crabgrass?

Backups can only be made by copying the data by hand or programing a crawler. 1 2 3 4


Differences between versions

Is the poll Features to bring back in new crabgrass version an “official” poll launched by devs ?

The poll is fairly official.

Featured pages were useful : do you plan to keep them?

I think we’ll bring back a similar functionality like featured pages at some point. Not necessarily a priority now though.1

Will ‘Surveys’ come back?

the type of vote where you can create fixed answers to one or more questions
‘Surveys’ will come back in a slightly different form. We probably want to reduce the complexity a lot.1

Where is the chat room?

We found that writing a usable and secure chat application is hard and not something we can just add on top of crabgrass.1



Is there a way to delete private messages?

Only for your own messages at the moment. You have to reload the page after clicking on Delete. 1

Privacy & Security

How can I use over tor?

Riseup provides a .onion address for so it also can be accessed as a hidden service. See over tor for more information.

How can I use without javascript?

See without javascript