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This is the public-facing group landing page.

This is a group for demonstrating crabgrass features. Anyone can join and try it out. If you don’t feel like creating an account, then login as george_bush, if you can guess his password.

what the heck is crabgrass?

  • crabgrass is subversive: as the bane of suburban lawns everywhere, crabgrass is the ultimate in grassroots resistance.
  • crabgrass is diverse: there are 300 species of native to tropical and warm temperate regions. crabgrass is native to north america, and in important source of food for many birds.
  • crabgrass is hard to kill: because of its networked nature, it is very difficult to pull out enough crabgrass roots to get rid of it. it is resistant to many herbicides.

More about crabgrass

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