apt-get install anarchism

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Updated by anarcat Apr 06

sweet rock’n’roll


That tail clipping by the inkscape rasterizer is pretty odd. I can get it to go away if i adjust the dpi settings to 70 dpi instead of the default of 90, though. Perhaps a bug should be filed against inkscape?

can i get away with this edit?


can i get away with this edit?

edit of the svg? please do. i think another thing that would be good to do with the svg preview is to destroy the png export after the jpg thumbnails have been created from it. the png looks a lot better, but it could be a pretty big file.


super!!! i wont this t-short ) but pacman rulllez )


what program use?


I need the source to change apt-get to aptitude…


semente: the svg is attached to this page


thank you!


inspired by this I engraved an similar version on a wooden tray



I wish there was a way to make this a web server version for sharing !


i put this on 0xacab somewhat recently https://0xacab.org/anarcat/apt-get-install-anarchism/