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Home page:

This wiki

The pad:
The collaborative pad @


Use this page for collaborative writing. i.e. several people writing at the same time in one document. Note it self destructs if not used more less than 30 days

irc:Internet relay chat

There are lots of irc clients there see here to find one


You need to joint a “channel” (a place we can chat)

The internet relay channel is on the freenode. network

info: http://freenode.net/

You can use a web browser in stead of an irc client (application)


Connect to freenode IRC
Nickname: Joeblogs
Channels: freenode #dragora

enter the reCAPTCHA: and hit return

More developer related info

Devel: http://git.dragora.org


Mailing list: http://lists.nongnu.org/mailman/listinfo/dragora-bug