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pv-1.6.6-i486-1 kelsoo 3:48AM
libotr-4.1.1-i486-1 kelsoo Sunday
pidgin-otr-i486-1 kelsoo Sunday
fittstool-i486-1 kelsoo Sunday
fittstool-frusen-20190616 frusen Sunday
Fix for touchpads frusen Sunday
fittstool-master-20190614.tar kelsoo Friday
fittstool-i486-1 kelsoo Friday
.dragora-ice-dot-icewm.tar kelsoo Jun 10
fittstool-20190610.tar kelsoo Jun 10
yad-i486-1 kelsoo Jun 05
dragora-ice-tint2.tar kelsoo Jun 01
dragora-ice-20190601-dot-icewm.tar kelsoo Jun 01
tint2-icons.tar kelsoo 2018-11-18
Unify Dragora 2.x dragbuild script kaltorak 2017-06-11
microde kelsoo 2016-11-04
dragora-icons+logos kelsoo 2016-09-03
tbdtitw kelsoo 2016-08-29
Handbook (Dragora 3) Il Parente 2014-10-24
Dragora 2 kelsoo 2014-07-03
Bootable USB frusen 2013-12-14
Mounting volumes as non-root kelsoo 2013-08-18
Record of first meeting 18-08-2013 kelsoo 2013-08-18
Weekly on line meeting kelsoo 2013-08-14
Ideas kelsoo 2013-08-14
About Dragora kelsoo 2013-08-11
Possibility of using packages of other GNU/Linux-Libre Distros kelsoo 2013-08-05
Support only x86_64 architecture kelsoo 2013-08-04
Dragora openbox theme kelsoo 2013-07-20
Dragora: Getting info kelsoo 2013-07-20