Support only x86_64 architecture

Many Linux Distros have dropped support for i686 arch (CRUX, ArchLinux) 32 bit arch is almost obsolete. Let us march ahead with 64 bit and other comparable / contemporary architectures. What do other Dragorians feel

As I don’t have any 64 bit PC’s I’m not sure I like this idea :) I think given 64 bit can run 32 bit we should support it as it broadens the net of potential Dragorians. Also it offers support to users in parts of the world where they can’t afford newer machines. Machines that run like a snail with Windows so are discarded as junk, run very fast with Dragora.


Support for x86-32 is a must!


I think we should still support ix86 architecture, there still being a lot of legacy machines that can serve as routers, proxies, etc like my old machine. Maybe we can think drop i486 and just keep i686


Selk was saying in irc that i586 would be supported in Dragora 3.