Weekly on line meeting

As well as the more casual drop in that occurs on irc. Maybe weekly meetings at a set time that's most beneficial to the community. when there's most members available.

What do folks think, feel about this idea? I’ll get the ball rolling

User Name: Blagora/kelsoo. Day of week: Any. best time:GMT 7.00 – 22.00.

I think this is a good idea.

My nick is frusen. Sundays CEST 18-23 would be best for me. CEST is UTC/GMT +2 hours.


From India. Evenings 8:00P.M, IST (GMT +5.3)Saturday


Copied from the pad
“kaltorak saturday 17:00 – 20:00”


Any day except Saturday its ok for me. EEST 18-23. EEST is UTC/GMT+3


OK. I’ll be a bit more precise. The Best Day for me is Friday after 19.00 gmt. Second best Monday after 18.00. I can do most week work days. I tend to work on the weekends so although I can often do them they are the worst for me. Sundays are better than Saturdays.


Actually everyday except Saturday is good for me…


First meeting Saturday 17Th August 18.00 GMT onwards
Second meeting Sunday 25Th August 18.00 GMT onwards