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Direct Action/Events Calendar!
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The Assembly is every Sunday – 2:00 PM – Mosswood Park Amphitheater (South-West Side of Mosswood Park) – MacArthur and Telegraph – Oakland – CA

Tuesday, April 22nd:

Earth Day March!

1:00 PM – Sproul Plaza of UC Berkeley – Telegraph Ave. and Bancroft Way – Berkeley, California

Unanimously approved!

Wednesday, April 23rd:

Guerrilla Gardening at Curtis Street Community Garden!

2:00 PM-6:00 PM – Curtis St. and 21st St. – West Oakland, California

The owner of this now abandon community garden would like it to be revived. It has a lot of overgrowth and weeds. We plan to canvass the surrounding community to see what their vision for the garden is, have an anti-gentrification statement for the garden’s mission, and reach out to other gardens/planned gardens in the area to see how we can support them as well.

Unanimously approved with friendly amendments!

Thursday, April 24th:

Direct Action Training Day and film screening of “Just do it!”

9:00 AM-5:00 PM – The Sudo Room – 2141 Broadway Ave. Downtown Oakland (Use side entrance on 22nd st.) California

This will full day of Direct Action trainings/workshops on how to use a diversity of non-violent direct action tactics and skills such as pickets/strikes, lockdowns, climbing techniques/treesits, banner drops, blockades, security culture, scouting, targets, labor law, legal observation, counter-surveillance, affinity groups, protest art and much more.

“Just do it!” is a film about direct actions in the UK including when trade unionists and environmental activists took over the Vestas wind turbine factory to stop it’s closure.

Contact to help organize or propose a workshop!

Unanimously approved!

Friday, April 25th:

Bike Workers Contingent @ SF Critical Mass

5:30 PM – Justin Herman Plaza near the Embarcadero BART (beginning of Market Street) Downtown San Francisco, CA

Bicycle workers are often exploited by their employers and are often over looked by union organizers. We are Bike Mechanics, Sales People, Parts Manufacturers, Pedi-cabbers, Couriers, ETC. We would like to come together as a contingent of the SF Critical Mass to celebrate our hard work and network to build solidarity with others in the Bicycle Industry. Come join us if you want to build towards having a Bay Area Bicycle Workers Union!

Unanimously approved!

Saturday, April 26th:

Towards an Ecological General Strike: A presentation about the global history of Environmental Unionism and film screening of “Who Bombed Judi Bari?”

7:00 PM – the Sudo Room – 2141 Broadway Ave. – Downtown Oakland, CA (use side entrance on 22nd)

Join us at the Sudo Room for a short presentation about the BLF “green bans” in Australia, the Redwood summer in California,and the global movement for Environmental Unionism. Followed will be a screening of the Film “Who Bombed Judi Bari?” Which is about the direct actions taken by IWW Labor Organizer and Earth First!er Judi Bari and the repression she faced.

For more information about the IWW, Environmental Unionism, and relevant news visit: or

Unanimously approved!

Sunday, April 27th:

Earth Day to May Day Assembly!

2:00 PM – Mosswood Park Amphitheater (Broadway Ave. and MacArthur Blvd.) – North Oakland, California

Join us at the Earth Day to May Day Assembly to organize direct actions from April 22nd to May 1st to raise awareness about the intersections of labor rights, immigration rights, indigenous rights, gentrification, and environmental justice issues. You can propose actions or events to fill in the days between may day and earth day. Examples include but are not limited to: film screenings, sit-ins, tree sits, guerrilla gardening, pickets, marches, blockades, strikes, etc.

You can propose agenda items to

Unanimously approved!

Why Capitalism Cannot Save the Planet

2:00 PM-3:00 PM – 747 Polk St. – San Francisco, CA

Why Capitalism Cannot Save the Planet–a Marxist presentation and discussion on the economics that drive Big Business to pollute and why the ruling class cannot solve this problem. The event is hosted by the Bay Area Freedom Socialist Party at 747 Polk St. in San Francisco.

Unanimously approved!

Monday, April 28th:

Protest against the Koch Brother’s Petcoke Facility

3:00 PM – Marina Walk Park – Pittsburg, CA

The Koch Brothers have been a major influence in dismantling workers rights, militarizing our borders, corrupting the media, and the destruction of the environment. They heavily fund organizations and politician that deny climate change and bust unions.
Tuesday, April 29th:

Critical Mass and March for the Health and Safety of Workers, the Community, and Environment

12:30 – Rally at PGE

1:00 PM – Critical Mass to Richmond BART

3:00 PM – March from Richmond BART to Chevron

Chevron and PG&E’s lack of transparency and ignorance are a threat to the health and safety of workers, the community, and the environment.

PG&E had a pipeline explosion in 2010 that killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. It was proven that they spiked gas pipeline pressure 10% over the legal, and only inspected corrosion but not welds, complete documentation is missing for about a quarter of its 1,800-plus pipeline miles, and many other health and safety issues.

Chevron had a major fire almost 2 years ago after they clearly neglected the pipes corroding ignoring warnings from workers and inspectors for over a decade. This fire almost killed 14 refinery workers and sent 30,000 people to seek medical treatment because of air pollution.

Unanimously approved with friendly amendments!

Wednesday, April 30th:

Picket against Health and Safety issues with Crude by Rail
All Shifts of the day starting at 5:30 AM – Union Pacific’s Ozol Train Yard – Martinez

Union Pacific and other railroad companies have been endangering the workers, the community, and the environment by cutting back on health and safety standards and shipping tons of volatile oil through Martinez and the Bay Area every day. The Lac Megantic Derailment (a train derailment that killed 40 people and blew up half of the town) is a perfect example of how railroad companies endanger the workers, the community, and the environment.

(1) All Bakken crude must be 2x inspected; (every 250 miles);
(2) All Bakken crude be classified as “key” trains; CFR
(3) All Bakken crude trains be crewed by 4 railroad workers; bring back the caboose!!!
(4) All Bakken crude be transported in at least T-112 cars with shelf couplers
(5) Cities must pressure the federal govt.
(6) all cars must be properly marked with signage, numbers, etc.

(7) No Hazardous materials through populated areas

(8) No long and heavy trains

Unanimously approved with friendly amendments!

May 1st: Many groups will be doing direct actions on May Day. If you would like to propose your event or action email with the details. Then we can vote to add it to our calendar.

Unanimously approved with friendly amendments!

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