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Current Projects:

  • Backup your phone contacts, & show you how to restore them!
  • Help tune up bike, & show how to do so.
  • De-tint vehicle windows so you can see in cloudy Seattle.

Previous Projects:

  • Fix broken car window glass.
  • Switch fridge door so it opens in the correct direction.

Help with my Phone!: How to choose & back up your Fancyphone!

Get ahold of me in person, for now… I’ll help you never lose your info again!

For now…

Let’s start with what I know about the Tech World, specifically Social Media:

A common twitter faux-pas is to start a tweet with an “@-reply”, such as:

@DicksDriveIn has the best fries!

An “@-reply” is super useful in having and sharing a conversation, but:

Know this: A tweet starting with “@” will only be seen by the user replied to, and by those who follow both you and the @-replied user.

(In this case, only users following both you AND @DicksDriveIn would see your thrilling review of their successful potato treat… probably not a helpful group of people if you’re trying to tell those who may have never heard of the place to check Dick’s out)

What To Do: Starts the tweet with a different character. Common notation uses a period: “.”, as so:

.@DicksDriveIn has the best fries!

This tweet will go out to ALL of your followers, and @DicksDriveIn will hear about it!

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