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About Me: Forrest Baum

My name’s Forrest, & I live in Seattle!
I’m an avid science enthusiast, lecture series attendee, and science radio show host. I talk to scientists about what they do, and get them to explain it — in the simplest terms possible — to the public at large. I have both a zero and a ten-year-old, so I’m used to the basic explanation of things!

Some of my writing is below, & here’s a little bit about me:

I have a very comfy robe. It’s that soft, fuzzy synthetic woolen stuff, with long sleeves and big pockets – perfect for lounging around in. Usually a very thrifty person, I found several robes at the thrift store, the main competitor of which was only a few dollars. It was an ugly green, with rough, thick fabric. A decidedly manly robe. This nice robe was almost twice as much, and from the women’s section, but worth every cent. It has two ties, one big one around the waist, and another inside, so I can jaunt around the house without worrying about flashing the neighbors if it flies open. Comfort and utility; I love it.

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But with what? Let’s work together to be more efficient, use our resources more wisely, and share our knowledge!

I also like to hang with a Science Faction. Sciiiiience!


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