I’m actually not quite sure what one of these is, other than the Commies & the Unabomber (& now, uh, hipsters?) seem to have them.

So here’s my Rules to Live By:

  • Be a Badass!

I repeat:

  • Be a Badass!
  • Be! Be! a Badass!
  • Fight
  • …well, not physically, but don’t stand down for what you believe in.
  • Examine what you believe in.
  • It’s ok to evolve, you aren’t a highly evolved organism for nothin’.
  • Call people out on their shit.
  • Just the facts, ma’am.
  • Call people ma’am.
    (or whatever they’d like to be called, be polite)
  • Call me out on my shit.
    I hold myself to the same level of accountability as I hold others.
  • Follow the Rules!
  • They’re meant to be Broken!
  • Get enough Sleep!
  • (It’s hard to Be a Badass when you’re asleep, though not impossible)

On this tack, important bed rules:

This is a work in progress, obvs…

Here are some specific subsets I enjoy practicing:

Rules for Drinking:

  1. Start Drinking

Rules for Cooking:

  1. Start Drinking
  2. Start Cooking
  3. Pour some of what you’re Drinking in what you’re Cooking

Ask Questions!
(but do so appropriately)

  • Think before you speak.
  • One Question per Q&A – let others have a chance to ask!
  • It’s not QuestionS and Answers
  • A comment is not a question

If you are holding a Q&A:

  • Have rules
  • Enforce the rules
  • Have a Moderator!

Oh! I forgot several important drinking rules:

  • Try everything sober. (First, if at all possible)
  • Not drinking may be better.
  • Stop.

Do you have any?

Also, I don’t nearly drink as much as this may lead you to believe… see the above subsection on following rules!