On Angels

Blue Angels, that is

I grew up in Seattle, & spent my childhood loving the Blue Angels… As a parent, however, there has to be a better way than teaching my kid that war is “cool”.

Reminding America how frigging cool war is!

Don’t get me wrong, Blue Angels are the near-epitome of design & technology. But they are made to kill.
F/A 18 Hornet jet fighters buzzing right overhead is a reality in some parts of the world.
The same parts where the exact same “Seafair Excitement” is a prequel to being dead.
I have friends triggered by just this to recall the realities of war. The atrocity.
We are experiencing a sanitized version of reality. We are isolating the excitement from the greater terror.

Remember to get in on the action by aiming your “Blue Devil” RPGs to the sky!

All I’m asking is to think about the bigger picture while enjoying our war machines!