Apparently there is some kinda big Election

Just kidding! Of course there is.

Don’t have your ballot? Don’t fret!

You still have options!*

  1. Print one out!
  2. Go in person!
  3. At the very least: Change your addy for next time!

*these are King Co links, but you can find your own by searching for your state or county + vote!

Now, to discuss the issues… (BIG 2020 edition)

The Voter’s Pamphlet is here, & I’m reading a section every day!

Let’s discuss & debate…

For WA State, you can use MyVote to find what all you can vote for!

It will tell you which county you’re registered in, and provide a link. In King County, you can look up which districts and candidates to vote for, too!

I’d also use the Progressive Voter’s Guide (which can find your districts for you) & Stranger’s 2020 Election coverage to inform myself…
but instead I’m just reading the whole of the Official Voter’s Guide
Any good resources I’m missing?

The following is a liveblog/rant.

Let’s talk Election!

Any specific races you’d like to discuss?

Here’s what we have on the ballot in WA:

Federal Candidates:
President/VP, obviously.
U.S. Representatives

CD 8 is a ridiculous gerrymandered district…

State Executive Offices:

Lieutenant Governor
Secretary of State
State Treasurer
State Auditor
Attorney General
Commissioner of Public Lands
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Insurance Commissioner

State Legislative Offices:
State Representatives – I’m in D32, but have opinions in others!

State Judicial Offices:

Supreme Court Justices
Court of Appeals
King County Superior Court Judges

WA Ref 90 – Comprehensive Sex-Ed/Health bill
Senate Joint Resolution No. 8212 – on investment of public funds

There are also Advisory Votes to ignore… just like Tim Eyman.

King County Charter Amendments:

  1. Inquests
  2. Disposition of Real Property for Affordable Housing
  3. References to Citizens
  4. Office of Law Enforcement Oversight – Subpeona Authority
  5. Making the King County Sheriff an Appointed Position
  6. Structure and Duties of the Department of Public Safety
  7. Prohibiting Discrimination on the Basis of Family Caregiver, Military or Veteran Status

King County Proposition No. 1

Harborview Medical Center Health and Safety Improvement Bonds

City of Seattle Proposition No. 1

Funding for Transit and Related Transportation Needs

Let’s have some background, straightup from the Voter’s Pamphlet:

How the System Works: Initiative & Referendum

Initiative: Sponsors for an initiative must obtain a number of legal voter signatures equal to eight (8) percent of the number of votes cast for the office of Governor at the last regular gubernatorial election, after which the Initiative is submitted to the Legislature for approval. The Initiatives on the ballot have either been rejected or passed over, which has referred them back to the ballot for the general election.

Referendum: There are referendum bills and referendum measures. The purpose of these is to give voters an opportunity to approve or reject laws either proposed or enacted by the Legislature. Referendum measures must be certified to have a number of petition signatures of legal voters equal to four (4) percent of the total votes cast for the Governor in the last election. A referendum certified to the ballot must receive a simple majority vote to become law.

Advisory Votes – Advisory Votes?!?

What the heck are those???

From the Stranger:

This shit again. The state offers a little explainer note about advisory votes: “Advisory votes are non-binding. The results will not change the law.” Wait, what? Why do we vote on them, then? Two words: Tim Eyman. The ghost of one of his shitty initiatives forces shit like this onto your ballot. Number 8 says pot doesn’t get special agricultural tax breaks and number 9 gives tribes the same tax status as any other government when they want to buy property. Okay. Vote maintained (or whatever the hell you want, doesn’t matter) on both, go eat some spicy Thai food, and pick up a fresh roll of Tim Eyman toilet paper on the way home.

Who else to vote for?

The Stranger has an interesting piece on a group backing Judges to run against… all those Judges with no one to run against. Sounds like these new guys may be trouble…

Here are my rants from elections past:
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Ok, my pretties, let’s vote!