Adult Earn-A-Bike paperwork
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Updated by Ned S 2014-09-29

Version 1 is from a google document that Erok shared with me. I downloaded it as an Open Office document and that changed the formatting a little.

Version 2 is the PDF that I downloaded from the google doc.


Version 5: changes in formatting, including larger font, clearer table formatting, and bike diagram for showing where work is needed. Also reworded the requirement from “3 hours or $15” to “combination of volunteer work and money equivalent to 3 hours at $5 / hour”. Some things still need to be clarified (highlighted in yellow).

Version 6: PDF format file of Version 5.


Version 7: Made some clarifications and reverted back to more of the 2008 format in a couple of places.
Version 8 is a pdf of version 7.


  • The pre-requisite about $15 or volunteering 3hrs has been replaced by the requirement to attend 2 classes.
  • Its good to have the shop tag # at the top of the page. This is what people use to sort the forms in the binder, so they want to be able to see it clearly.

OK, but I would like to minimize the amount of info that has to be entered. It especially makes sense not to enter the tag # twice. Can we remove it from the “bike info” section?

In case it’s not clear, here is why I highlighted the parts I did:

2. I’d like to make it clear that you have to pay for your bike in some way: you can volunteer, or you can pay.

3. Who is a FR volunteer? Just any old member?


Philip, those are good points. (is a number 1 missing though?)

Shop tag is redundant, so we can remove that. We may want to remove the price as well, and simply have an hours needed field. Also, would it be good to put a check box and date field to show that the bike has been earned/bought?

There is probably space to add a description saying that $8 can be substituted for every hour of required volunteering in order to earn the bicycle. (I think its $8/hr)

It would be nice if any greeter would be able to do a safety check. This will not be the case, since some greeters will be new and unsure of their judgement. I have updated the staffing manual with instructions on what to look at for a safety check. I would like other people to look at those instructions to see if they are good as is, or need changes. On the EAB form, it may be appropriate to word it as “Greeter Volunteer.”

I think we are making some good progress. Too bad more people aren’t involved.


Two thumbs up!


Thanks – I didn’t write a point # 1 about the highlighted text.

I made the edits you suggested, as well as some formatting changes.

Does the orientation packet contain anything besides the EAB brochure?

Should the sheet remind participants that they have to show activity at least every two weeks?

Who completes the Bike Info section? If it’s a staffer, the EAB sheet should probably say so.


Hey, good work, guys. I have not been checking the crabgrass, I had no idea all this activity was going on. Nice layout, well thought out. The only question I have is whether we want to make it clear that you must take classes if it is your first EAB, but if you have done EAB before you can choose to volunteer 4 hours instead if you wish.

I guess I can also chime in with answers to some of Philip’s questions.

I think it’s very important the sheet reminds people about the two weeks. It’s a sad, sad scene when someone loses their bike and wasn’t expecting to.

The EAB person or the greeter can complete the Bike Info section. They must come to agreement with a staffer about the price before they fill that out, but I’m not sure I’ve ever had anyone make up their own price and write it in, they usually ask.


I added the info to the form and did some other formatting changes. Do you still find the table understandable?

What’s in the orientation packet?

What’s the purpose of the bike info section? Why was it simplified?


okay, looks good, I have two remaining changes that I think would be good:

One, emphasize the “you must work on your bike…” sentence – bold italic underline, something.

Two, add “type” to the bike info section. I like that the bike info section is now more accesible to be filled out by the EAB person rather than the staffer. However I still think the type field is needed. The purpose of the bike info section is for us to be able to identify the bike in the shop. Sometimes the tags get switched or fall off. It is very helpful in these cases to know whether the bike is a road bike, mountain bike, cruiser, etc. Maybe a new line:

Type (circle one) road bike mountain hybrid cruiser 3 spd kids

Version 12 (odf) is not opening correctly in microsoft word. I am going to print a small number of version 13 without these changes and bring them to the shop. I can only print small runs at my office anyway.


Done. There is still Jessica’s question:

whether we want to make it clear that you must take classes if it is your first EAB, but if you have done EAB before you can choose to volunteer 4 hours instead if you wish.

Also, as I mentioned at the staffing manual page, it’s not clear how the tag number is assigned and who assigns it.

Also, the categorization of bikes differs from that in the Staffing Manual (Pricing guide). I think it would be simpler if they are synchronized.