2015 november Meeting notes

Date: 2015 nov 21 Time: 10:00am Location: shop

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  • Collective council: Scott Kowalski (facilitator), Ned Schmidgal, Will Wedler
  • Members: Tom Anderson (treasurer), Jeremy D’Souza, Justin Thakar (notes)
    (others? refer to full list…)

Who’s new on council

  • Gregg LaFace and Angela Urban
  • (Jeremy withdrew from consideration this term; remains involved though!)


  • Gregg was waiting on Scott to see if CJ wanted Union or Non-Union; CJ never responded to Scott so…
 Gregg now has go-ahead to do RFPs to electrician friends 

How to run this meeting

  • Make sure we take 5 minutes at the end to review action items and do follow-up

Schedule next meeting

 December 20th 10am at RR Donnelley, 218 N. Braddock Ave. (confirm w/Jeff R.)


  • $60/mo for Verizon
 Scott commits to getting internet working in the shop definitely a month from now, hopefully much sooner 

Missing Keys

  • Tom has extra keys for register
 Scott will buy new locks at Home Depot after meeting 


  • Kraynicks asked for bikes, so did Lizzie’s; definitely have to be in working order at Kraynicks; will give to Lizzie’s first and whatever’s leftover for Kraynicks
  • Brian Sink – doesn’t need more bikes from Free Ride for free
  • Storage for more bikes—long term possibility
  • Kids bikes with Lizzy’s (…)
 Jeremy will: 
* get refugee contacts from Ned
* pick only from the floor for more kids bikes
* talk Jack Lebow by Wednesday and...
* (if Jack doesn't come through) will talk to Kraynicks 

Raffle Winner

  • Give a certificate for $100 store credit
Scott will send certificate to Will;
Will will send certificate to email contact of winner 

Volunteers/Staff update

  • A staffer did not know how to sell a bike; be more careful in giving out keys
  • Tess has been shadowing (has an accounting background!)
  • Jordan’s been shadowing
  • Winter will be easy to staff

Tuesday EAB

  • ONLY Volunteers working on their own EAB
  • 7-9pm, 7-10pm.
  • Sunday afternoon may boost attendance
  • Try to get volunteer mechanics; make sure they’re not working on theirs
 Jeremy will: 
* create an EAB list, 
* find out how many people are coming, 
* staff it, 
* hold it next Sunday 

Youth Night & background checks

  • Jeremy talked to lawyer; we need a permission slip, need clearances, is a pain to acquire them,
  • Bringing a parent and signing a waiver is not a suitable alternative for most kids
  • To be a guardian need to know the parents
  • Permission slip wording should be changed… (tabled)

Ned’s Youth Open House proposal

  • Jeremy wants volunteers only — should help with clearance hurdles
December 4th first Youth Night – Jeremy will staff 

Community Bicycle program (tabled)

More frequent decision-making meetings

New bike rack

  • Go in with PCCR & The Space Upstairs?
  • Ask CJ about sinking the rack in the sidewalk
  • Ask BikePGH for racks for cheaper
Scott will talk to CJ mgmt. about that (& electric)